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 Spring is fantastic and beautiful!

Spring is in March and April. It doesn’t rain. It´s sunny and hot. There are many rainbows, the flowers are open and the butterflies fly. There is a lot of fruits in the trees and many plants. There are many animals in the forest. There is a lot of butterflies and flowers of different colors. People are happier in Spring.

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                   Spring time!

In Spring, there are a lot of butterflies.
Why is spring  so beautiful?
I love Spring!
In Spring, I don´t like pollen.
In Spring, the birds sing a lot.
In Spring, the field is multicolored.
Spring is like a dream but real.
In Spring, there are many trees with fruit.
In Spring, I love playing with my friends in the field.
Spring begins in March.
I love Spring!

The End

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I'm imaginating that I
can fly with butterflies.

The flowers are multicolored
blue or orange,purpple or pink...

When I am scared, I think of
mi family.

In my imagination, I am
a bird.

I listen a lullaby in
the mountain.

Brown birds go with me
to the sea.

I smell honey in the

I'm going to an apple
tree and I sing a lullaby.

I imaginate big flowers,
orange or red...

There are lots of roses in
the park.

I'm cycling in the mountain
and in the park.

Miguel Angel Escalera Paredes.
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                                                      SPRING TIME

What's Spring? Spring is a season of the year. It is very beautiful and a hot season. I LOVE SPRING! In spring there funny colours. Spring is in March and April. In Spring, doesn't rain a lot. The butterflies go to the rainbow and fly with him. The flowers are of many colours: red, purpples... SPRING IS AMAZING! When we are in Spring, the imagination of all the people sleep under a tree with the red and small apples. In spring, flowers bloom in the park. Spring is Easter and Easter is a friendly rabbit. Spring is wonderful!febf36b325df3153.jpg

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                                           SPRING TIME!

Spring is something that you can not explain with words. Spring is like a mixture of emotions, happyness, nicess,etc. Bees, birds, ladybirds, bears, etc can feel the smelly air of Spring. Flowers in Spring show the big work that they do in many seasons of the year to us, they have their fruits. The contries in Spring are so beautiful, because the contries are all dressed with pretty colors like blue, red, green, pink, yellow, white, purple, etc. Some trees have some flowers. In Spring, there are some good things because you can eat fruit that you can not eat in other seasons, but there are some bads things, like allergy.

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Spring is a dream, a prety dream with a rainbow in the sky with a squirrel in the tree of your imagination. I love Spring! In Spring, the people fall in love, in Spring the animals run in the air. I remember Spring, when I was young. In Spring, the flowers smile to the world becouse Spring isn't bored. Spring is funny! In Spring the time is changeable, in one day can rain or have sun and hot. These things are good for my imagination.

Spring is like a voice of an angel.

But suddenly one day, the summer comes.                        


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Spring is a year of hapyness.
The sunshine makes the plants grow.
Spring is like a pink world.
Spring is hot but wonderful.
Some plants are smelly.
We can relax in Spring.
Enjoy the free time!
Honey is sweet food for bees.
Snails are very slow.
Huge roses grow in the fields.
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What do you think Spring is?
Spring is not a sad time, it's a very beutiful time.
It's like a multicoloured heart.
Do you like Spring? I do!
Your imagination flies and flies from the sky with the
 lullaby, birds,... and the green and orange leaves to the tree.
The flowers are multicoloured, blue, yellow,... It's amazing!
In Spring, the grasslands are beautiful, they are
green and the flowers... They are fantastic!
You are with your family and friends.
It's so beautiful!
Spring is fantastic!


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I didn´t love spring when I was a child.
But now, I love it!
There are snails,caterpillers,ladybirds,birds,
butterflies... It´s hot.The colours of the flowers are pink,yellow,blue...
Do you like the green grass? The rainbow
is multicoloured and very big.The animals live in nature.
The butterflies aren't scared of bees .I like spring because
it is sunny and animals are very beautiful.

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Spring Time!!!

Do you love SPRING?  Yes, I love SPRING.

The colors of the flowers are pink, red, yellow, purple...

There are beatiful animals in SPRING.

People and family are very happy.

There are very beatiful rainbows and birds don't stop singing in SPRING.

In SPRING, flowers are smelly.

In April, flowers grow.

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